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R.A.M.- Starship Tech

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R.A.M.- Starship Tech

R.A.M.- Starship Tech
R.A.M.- Starship Tech description

Robotic assembly modules designed for Ship Manufacturing

mass 0 m3
volume 0.04 m3 packaged
capacity 0
Structure Hitpoints [?]
100 HP
base Price ISK 40,696
Not published
chanceOfDuplicating [?] 0.05
portionSize [?] 100 (4 m3)
Used in BPC's
Name quantity
info Absolution Blueprint 23
info Anathema Blueprint 3
info Anshar Blueprint 60
info Arazu Blueprint 18
info Ares Blueprint 1
info Ark Blueprint 60
info Astarte Blueprint 23
info Basilisk Blueprint 12
info Blade Blueprint 4
info Broadsword Blueprint 21
info Bustard Blueprint 15
info Buzzard Blueprint 3
info Cerberus Blueprint 18
info Cheetah Blueprint 3
info Claw Blueprint 1
info Claymore Blueprint 23
info Confessor Blueprint 10
info Crane Blueprint 11
info Crow Blueprint 1
info Crusader Blueprint 1
info Curse Blueprint 18
info Dagger Blueprint 1
info Damnation Blueprint 23
info Deimos Blueprint 18
info Devoter Blueprint 21
info Eagle Blueprint 18
info Enyo Blueprint 6
info Eos Blueprint 23
info Erinye Blueprint 1
info Eris Blueprint 9
info Falcon Blueprint 18
info Flycatcher Blueprint 9
info Gatherer Blueprint 2
info Golem Blueprint 30
info Guardian Blueprint 12
info Harpy Blueprint 6
info Hawk Blueprint 6
info Helios Blueprint 3
info Heretic Blueprint 9
info Hound Blueprint 3
info Huginn Blueprint 18
info Hulk Blueprint 15
info Hyena Blueprint 6
info Impel Blueprint 15
info Ishkur Blueprint 6
info Ishtar Blueprint 18
info Jaguar Blueprint 6
info Keres Blueprint 6
info Kishar Blueprint 2
info Kitsune Blueprint 6
info Kronos Blueprint 30
info Lachesis Blueprint 18
info Legion Blueprint 15
info Loki Blueprint 15
info Mackinaw Blueprint 12
info Malediction Blueprint 1
info Manticore Blueprint 3
info Mastodon Blueprint 15
info Muninn Blueprint 18
info Nemesis Blueprint 3
info Nighthawk Blueprint 23
info Nomad Blueprint 60
info Occator Blueprint 15
info Oneiros Blueprint 12
info Onyx Blueprint 21
info Paladin Blueprint 30
info Panther Blueprint 30
info Phobos Blueprint 21
info Pilgrim Blueprint 18
info Prorator Blueprint 11
info Prospect Blueprint 4
info Proteus Blueprint 15
info Prowler Blueprint 11
info Purifier Blueprint 3
info Rapier Blueprint 18
info Raptor Blueprint 1
info Redeemer Blueprint 30
info Retribution Blueprint 6
info Rhea Blueprint 60
info Rook Blueprint 18
info Sabre Blueprint 9
info Sacrilege Blueprint 18
info Scimitar Blueprint 12
info Sentinel Blueprint 6
info Sin Blueprint 30
info Skiff Blueprint 9
info Sleipnir Blueprint 23
info Stiletto Blueprint 1
info Taranis Blueprint 1
info Tengu Blueprint 15
info Vagabond Blueprint 18
info Vargur Blueprint 30
info Vengeance Blueprint 6
info Viator Blueprint 11
info Vulture Blueprint 23
info Widow Blueprint 30
info Wolf Blueprint 6
info Zealot Blueprint 18
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