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Wetware Mainframe

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Wetware Mainframe

Wetware Mainframe
Wetware Mainframe description

So advanced and energy-demanding are wetware mainframes that they require vehicle-scale power cores and the constant attention of maintenance personnel. When operating at peak performance levels, nothing in New Eden can match the raw computing power of these machines, from calculating warp coordinates to administrating the core functions of an entire space station.

mass 0 m3
volume 100 m3 packaged
capacity 0
base Price ISK 0
Not published
exportTaxMultiplier [?] 1200000 %
importTaxMultiplier [?] 1200000 %
chanceOfDuplicating [?] 0
portionSize [?] 1
Used in BPC's
Name quantity
info 'Limos' Citadel Cruise Launcher I Blueprint 6
info 'Magpie' Mobile Tractor Unit Blueprint 1
info 'Packrat' Mobile Tractor Unit Blueprint 1
info 6x2500mm Heavy Gallium I Repeating Cannon Blueprint 6
info Advanced Large Ship Assembly Array Blueprint 4
info Advanced Medium Ship Assembly Array Blueprint 4
info Advanced Small Ship Assembly Array Blueprint 4
info Amarr Control Tower Blueprint 13
info Amarr Control Tower Medium Blueprint 7
info Amarr Control Tower Small Blueprint 4
info Ammunition Assembly Array Blueprint 1
info Biochemical Reactor Array Blueprint 1
info Caldari Control Tower Blueprint 13
info Caldari Control Tower Medium Blueprint 7
info Caldari Control Tower Small Blueprint 4
info Capital Murky Remote Shield Booster Blueprint 6
info Capital Neutron Saturation Injector I Blueprint 6
info Capital Ship Assembly Array Blueprint 4
info Complex Reactor Array Blueprint 1
info Component Assembly Array Blueprint 1
info Cynosural Generator Array Blueprint 2
info Cynosural System Jammer Blueprint 4
info Design Laboratory Blueprint 6
info Drone Assembly Array Blueprint 1
info Drug Lab Blueprint 4
info Equipment Assembly Array Blueprint 4
info Experimental Laboratory Blueprint 4
info Gallente Control Tower Blueprint 13
info Gallente Control Tower Medium Blueprint 7
info Gallente Control Tower Small Blueprint 4
info Infrastructure Hub Blueprint 20
info Ion Field Projection Battery Blueprint 1
info Jump Bridge Blueprint 4
info Large Ship Assembly Array Blueprint 4
info Medium Ship Assembly Array Blueprint 4
info Minmatar Control Tower Blueprint 13
info Minmatar Control Tower Medium Blueprint 7
info Minmatar Control Tower Small Blueprint 4
info Mobile Competitive Vault Blueprint 2
info Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor Blueprint 2
info Mobile Decoy Unit Blueprint 2
info Mobile Scan Inhibitor Blueprint 3
info Mobile Tractor Unit Blueprint 1
info Phase Inversion Battery Blueprint 1
info Quad 3500mm Gallium I Cannon Blueprint 6
info Rapid Equipment Assembly Array Blueprint 4
info Research Laboratory Blueprint 4
info Sensor Dampening Battery Blueprint 1
info Ship Maintenance Array Blueprint 1
info Shock 'Limos' Citadel Torpedo Bay I Blueprint 6
info Small Ship Assembly Array Blueprint 4
info Sovereignty Blockade Unit Blueprint 10
info Spatial Destabilization Battery Blueprint 1
info Stasis Webification Battery Blueprint 1
info Station Docking Bay Blueprint 4
info Station Factory Blueprint 3
info Station Hangar Array Blueprint 1
info Station Laboratory Blueprint 4
info Station Market Network Blueprint 6
info Station Medical Center Blueprint 2
info Station Mission Network Blueprint 3
info Station Office Center Blueprint 3
info Station Repair Facility Blueprint 3
info Station Reprocessing Plant Blueprint 3
info Station Storage Bay Blueprint 1
info Subsystem Assembly Array Blueprint 4
info Supercapital Ship Assembly Array Blueprint 78
info Territorial Claim Unit Blueprint 4
info Thukker Component Assembly Array Blueprint 1
info Warp Disruption Battery Blueprint 1
info Warp Scrambling Battery Blueprint 1
info White Noise Generation Battery Blueprint 1
info X-Large Ship Maintenance Array Blueprint 39
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