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Jove Navy logo
FactionJove Empire
solar system54-VNO
CompetitorSerpentis Corporation
Offices30 in 25 systems (station map)
Share price20
Tradessupply 0 demand 0

solar system
info A821-A/B9J-NT/69A-54
  info 69A-54 VIII - Jove Navy Assembly Plant
info A821-A/B9J-NT/BWO-UU
  info BWO-UU VIII - Jove Navy Testing Facilities
info A821-A/B9J-NT/PQWA-L
  info PQWA-L VII - Jove Navy Assembly Plant
info A821-A/F-0CTG/0IRK-R
  info 0IRK-R IX - Jove Navy Testing Facilities
info A821-A/F-0CTG/FNS3-F
  info FNS3-F VII - Moon 7 - Jove Navy Logistic Support
info A821-A/F-0CTG/FR-RCH
  info FR-RCH IV - Moon 2 - Jove Navy Assembly Plant
info A821-A/O-BSIB/6-HFD6
  info 6-HFD6 V - Moon 14 - Jove Navy Assembly Plant
  info 6-HFD6 V - Moon 19 - Jove Navy Assembly Plant
info A821-A/O-BSIB/9-BUSQ
  info 9-BUSQ VII - Moon 4 - Jove Navy Assembly Plant
info A821-A/UN2H-D/DLY-RG
  info DLY-RG VIII - Moon 3 - Jove Navy Assembly Plant
info A821-A/UN2H-D/T-C5A0
  info T-C5A0 X - Moon 9 - Jove Navy Logistic Support
info A821-A/UN2H-D/T-YWDD
  info T-YWDD VII - Moon 13 - Jove Navy Assembly Plant
info J7HZ-F/1-Z95W/PZP1-D
  info PZP1-D IX - Moon 5 - Jove Navy Assembly Plant
info J7HZ-F/1-Z95W/SQ-2XA
  info SQ-2XA II - Jove Navy Testing Facilities
  info SQ-2XA IV - Jove Navy Testing Facilities
info J7HZ-F/2RX9-6/8-ULAA
  info 8-ULAA VI - Moon 13 - Jove Navy Testing Facilities
info J7HZ-F/2RX9-6/H-EDXD
  info H-EDXD VIII - Moon 3 - Jove Navy Assembly Plant
info J7HZ-F/2RX9-6/KF1-DU
  info KF1-DU VII - Moon 3 - Jove Navy Assembly Plant
info J7HZ-F/3A-CND/1C-TD6
  info 1C-TD6 X - Moon 4 - Jove Navy Testing Facilities
info J7HZ-F/3A-CND/H7OL-I
  info H7OL-I IV - Moon 6 - Jove Navy Assembly Plant
info J7HZ-F/3A-CND/TO21-U
  info TO21-U VIII - Moon 1 - Jove Navy Assembly Plant
info J7HZ-F/D-YMGR/I9D-0D
  info I9D-0D II - Jove Navy Assembly Plant
  info I9D-0D VI - Moon 3 - Jove Navy Assembly Plant
  info LH-J8H X - Moon 1 - Jove Navy Assembly Plant
info J7HZ-F/I4-DK8/54-VNO
  info 54-VNO V - Moon 2 - Jove Navy Assembly Plant
  info 54-VNO X - Jove Navy Assembly Plant
  info 54-VNO XI - Moon 2 - Jove Navy Testing Facilities
info J7HZ-F/NSM-6F/6-NCE7
  info 6-NCE7 IV - Jove Navy Logistic Support
  info CZ-CED IV - Moon 18 - Jove Navy Assembly Plant
info J7HZ-F/NSM-6F/L-TPN0
  info L-TPN0 II - Moon 2 - Jove Navy Testing Facilities
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